Max Mara opens new store at Copenhagen Airport

Premium Italian fashion house Max Mara recently launched a new store at the Copenhagen Airport. It’s the first to open at the Copenhagen Kastrup and also the first in an airport situated in Europe.

As one of the biggest international Italian fashion companies in the world, Max Mara has been aggressive these days in opening stores as the fashion group plans to open 50 branches within the next five to six years. That seems quite ambitious but Max Mara is positive more travelers will see what the luxury design brand is all about.

Max Mara’s expansion of stores will showcase the Italian’s fashion sense and bring it further to the rest of the world. A store opening at the airport is crucial as more people will be able to see the shop and the stylish designs.

The concept store at the Copenhagen Airport is designed by Duccio Grassi Architects, the same people behind Max Mara’s other branches in Soho, Milan, and Hong Kong. This means another iconic shop will soon be a favorite shopping destination at this airport in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Lise Ryevad, Copenhagen Airports Director, is excited that passengers now have more shopping choices at the airport. This development will definitely enhance the airport experience, starting from the shop’s interior design, its impressive lighting system, and of course, the wide array of fashionable and luxury items from Max Mara.