Copenhagen gets a new cycling bridge

Copenhagen is known for its bicycles and cycling enthusiasts. The cyclists will have more reason to rejoice as a new bridge has been constructed especially for them.

Officially called as the Cykelslangen, the cycle snake – bridge connects Islandsbrygge and Vesterbro. The bridge is aimed to be a safe link for the cyclists who love to go around the city.

The Cykelslangen is easy to spot in striking orange. It was made of steel and was designed by Dissing + Weitling architectural firm. The bridge measures four metres wide and 220 metres long.

Those who live in Copenhagen prefer to ride on their bikes whether on the way to schools or workplaces so this bike bridge would be more than useful.

Construction of the bridge is set to be finished before the year 2014 ends. And by year 2025, almost 90 percent of all Copenhagen cyclist should feel safer than ever and arrive at their destination much faster. The bike riders now will move away from the usual traffic, staircases, and pedestrians.

Watch the video below: