Copenhagen Airport to use Google Glass

The latest wearable device that’s making gadget town crazy these days is Google Glass. It’s one of the many wearable tech gadgets coming out lately but it’s the most controversial because some states in the US say it’s illegal to use the pair. But for those in Denmark, the Google Glass will soon be a regular fixture at the Copenhagen Airport.

The airport management recently approved the Google Glass after a series of trial. The passenger services team just finished a successful trial according to SITA. The usage of Google Glass wearable technology was announced during the SITA Air Transport IT Summit currently being held in Brussels.

This piece of development makes the Danish terminal world’s first airport to use Google Glass officially. A number of companies and airlines are testing the Google Glass but Copenhagen Airport is the first airport.

Results so far are positive. Airport service personnel and the passengers tested the wearable tech which resulted to what’s described as ‘superior passenger service’. SITA Lab’s technology research group lead the testing which ran for a couple of months. The use of Google Glass at the Copenhagen Airport became a hit among the staff so it was given a thumbs-up. No mention though when permanent implementation will begin.

Copenhagen Airport’s Director Customer Care Marie-Louise Lotz shared: “The feedback from our passengers and service team has been overwhelmingly positive. We found Google Glass very easy to use and more user-friendly than other devices such as tablets. The hope is that the airport can reduce the amount of paper used by duty managers as well as being in a position to engage more with passengers.