Car hire Copenhagen Airport

Many travellers decide to use one of several car hire Copenhagen airport companies when coming to Denmark. Copenhagen airport (CPH) is the main airport for Copenhagen, Denmark and the Oresund Region. It is placed on Amager island, 8 kilometers south from Copenhagen city centre and 24 kilometers west of Malmö on the other side of the Oresund Bridge. The main part of the airport lies in the municipality of Tårnby and a small portion within Dragør. Copenhagen airport is the largest airport in the Nordic countries. Each day, it is visited by almost 62,000 passengers.

Car hire Copenhagen airport companies offer a wide range of vehicles: from small to large, economy, family, eco-friendly, automatic, convertible, luxury and sport cars, vans, tracks, mini buses and cars adjusted for the needs of the physically challenged. Additional facilities include GPS navigation system, Roadside SafetyNet, electronic toll payment (e-toll), disability facilities, portable satelite radio.

Car hire Copenhagen airport companies in Terminal 1 (domestic):

  • EuropeCar – Terminal 1 (tel.: +45 3250 6666)
  • Hertz – Terminal 1 (tel.: +45 3250 3040)
  • Avis – Terminal 1 (tel.: +45 3251 2099)

Hire cars must be returned outside Terminal 1 to the designated parking spaces. Keys should be left either with the car hire company or, during closed hours, they can be left in the designated post boxes.

Copenhagen airport car hire companies in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 (international)

  • EuropCar Terminal 2 (tel.: +45 3250 3090)
  • Hertz – Terminal 2 (tel.: +45 3250 9300)
  • Avis – Terminal 3 (tel.: +45 3251 2299)
  • Budget – Terminal 3 (tel.: +45 3252 3900)
  • Sixt Rent A Car – Terminal 3 (tel.: +45 3246 8030)

The returning cars should be parked in the car park P10 in Terminal 3 (Europcar/ Sixt Rent A Car – 3rd floor; Avis/ Budget – 5th floor).

Economy driving tips:

  • Driving at consistent speed reduces your fuel usage because breaking and accelerating requires more enery.
  • Driving fast eats your fuel. If on the motorway, try to stay just slightly above the minimal speed requirement.
  • Changing gears at lower revs saves your fuel. Change up your gears before the rev counter reaches 2000rpm if you drive diesel and before 2500rpm, for petrol cars.
  • Turn off your car enfine when stationary. Leaving your engine running, even if you do not move, wastes your fuel.
  • Eliminating unnecessary baggage weight increases the fuel efficiency of yor car. Make sure you are not driving with baggage that can be left in your hotel.
  • Underinflated tires affect your fuel usage. Make sure your tires are properly inflated.
  • Minimasing aerodynamics slows down your speed. Close your windows and sunroof and remove unnecessary baggage from the roof and your car will drive faster while burning less fuel.

To find out more about the individual rates and policies of car hire Copenhagen airport, visit each of the companies’ websites.